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The GE CARESCAPE B450 is a smart vital monitor that provide features that ensure both nursing staff and physicians can always keep an eye on the patient’s health. The device also features two built-in battery modules, which ensures mobile transportation units like ambulances can also keep an eye on patient vitals while in transit.


The GE CARESCAPE B450 has a number of features that come pre-installed in its software, as well as numerous hardware settings that provide a range of uses in different facilities. These features make the monitor adequate for monitoring patients in NICU, OR, Emergency Care, Critical Care, and PACU care units, as well as in medical transportation units, clinical settings, and within a general ward in a hospital.

Numerous algorithms are built into the software that are pre-loaded on the CARESCAPE B450 monitor for easier and more convenient use. These algorithms and software modules include:

  • 12SL Diagnostic ECG
  • Two-Way MUSE
  • BIS
  • Entropy
  • Datex-Ohmedia Sidestream CO2
  • ECG Communication

The 12.0-inch active matrix LCD display unit features a large resolution that supports 1024 pixels by 768 pixels and allows for the display of six traces at a time. The screen features touch-sensitive controls with a power-on unit on the front panel of the monitor. There are 11 functional keys that offer access to:

  • Alarm setup
  • Monitor setup
  • Trends
  • Procedures
  • Print Waveforms
  • Data & Pages
  • Zero All Pressures
  • Parameters
  • NIBP Start/Stop
  • NIBP Auto
  • Freeze/Snapshot

Several parameters can be accurately measured with the monitor, including:

  • ECG
  • SpO2
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure
  • Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Cardiac Output

Example part numbers or item numbers: SJA, B450-01

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