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The GE CARESCAPE B850 provides all the features that a medical unit needs to ensure they can stay on top of the patient’s health, delivering multiple waveforms in a summary view on its front page, with touchscreen controls making the operation of the monitor easy, fast, and more convenient. Multiple vitals can be monitored simultaneously, ensuring a single device can be utilized to be fully aware of how a patient is doing, as well as to ensure appropriate measures can be taken in emergency situations.


The GE CARESCAPE B850 is a feature-rich monitor that offers a real-time overview of a patient’s vitals. Different types of vitals can be efficiently and accurately monitored with this device, which forms an essential part of a physician’s duty to care for the patient and to act accordingly when any adverse actions are observed on the vital data.

This monitor includes a relatively large number of modules that ensure patient vitals can be analyzed at all times. These modules include:

  • Respiratory Module E-CAiO and E-SCO, allowing the physician to monitor the patient’s respiratory system, as well as data such as Gas Exchange, Patient Spirometry, Patient O2, Anesthetic Agents, and more.
  • Neurology Modules, including E-EEG, E-BIS, E-NMT, and E-Entropy Modules, ensure the brain’s wellbeing can be monitored effectively and, of course, accurately.
  • DINAMAP SuperStat Module, providing real-time data on non-invasive blood pressure.
  • EK-Pro Four-Lead Arrhythmia Module

Additionally, the device also utilizes either the Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 module or the Masimo SET for extended monitoring of patient SpO2 data. There are also modules that are able to provide data on ECG waveforms, along with a function to remember up to 36 arrhythmia occurrences in the patient, which helps the physician better diagnose and treat the patient.

Example part numbers or item numbers: DTK, DTN, D19KT, D15K, 2039143-001, USE1921A

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