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The GE CARESCAPE V100 is a lightweight and portable monitor that is used to obtain feedback in real-time on patient vitals like cardiac output, temperature, respiration status, and more. The device offers one of the best batteries that are currently available in the industry, allowing up to 11 hours of use without AC input. The network connectivity also makes it easy for physicians to view patient data through a range of applications on the CARESCAPE network.


The GE CARESCAPE V100 has a number of mobile features that it offers the hospital or another care facility who have decided to take advantage of the device. The monitor features a range of high-end internal hardware configurations that ensure it can run continuously, on either AC power or battery power, without any interruptions; thus providing the physician with all vital signs of the patient that they need to make the right medical decisions and provide the patient with the best quality of care.

The monitor has specialized areas for each of the vital signs that it can monitor and report on, making it easier for the nurse or the physician to quickly read the patient’s vitals and understand if any measures need to be taken due to a change in their health status.

At both sides of the screen, a set of buttons is located that ensures the user has the ability to configure the monitor and provide adequate alarm settings easily, and other features, to customize the monitoring toward the patient’s specific condition.

The batter in this device can last for as long as 11 hours, which means this is also the perfect mobile patient vital monitor that can be used in more portable settings, such as in an ambulance.

Example part numbers or item numbers: SH6, SDT, 2038172-001, 2034803-003, 2034803-002, 2038021-001, 2038021-003C, V100-CBXX-AXAA-FX, V100-CBXX-AXAA-BX

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