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The Casmed 750 is a monitor that comes with features ensuring both nursing physicians and nurses caring for a patient can truly understand the patient’s health status at any given time, by providing an overview of the patient’s vitals, all of which play an important role in monitoring to their well-being. The monitor supports a range of expansion modules.


The Casmed 750 patient monitor comes fully configured with updated firmware, developed by the manufacturer, as well as built-in sensory hardware that can assist in the detection of a patient’s vitals. The data presented are essential to the physician in monitoring the status of a patient and to help the nursing staff understand when urgent care services might be required to avoid complications.

Built-in modules allow the following vitals to be monitored and reported on the built-in display:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • EtCO2, through Sidestream Capnography
  • SpO2

Even though the device offers a large set of features, it is still a lightweight option that is portable enough to be used during transit, but still adequate for bedside monitoring. The built-in battery module allows for up to three hours of use, with an update provided on the patient’s non-invasive blood pressure in 15-minute intervals.

Infrared technology comes standard in the Casmed 750 monitor, allowing patient vitals to be directed to a printer and printed for future reference and comparison to earlier results that were obtained.

Capnography technology detects sleep apnea events. An obstructed airway can be detected early on, ensuring nursing staff can implement the appropriate strategies to prevent an escalation in the patient’s condition.

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