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The GE Dash 4000 offer physicians and hospital staff with a large color display unit, along with multiple vital reading capabilities, to provide a more accurate view of patient vitals during all times. Real-time data can be updated instantaneously, while non-real-time data stays existent and non-interrupted on display. Additional features, such as the Smart Anesthesia Multi-Gas system, offers further usability for the monitor during certain procedures in clinical and hospital settings.


The GE Dash 4000 comes equipped with features that make it stand out from alternatives and gives it options that are on par with current ICU monitoring units. The patient monitor can provide accurate live data on different patient vitals that are essential for providing adequate care while the patient may be hospitalized. Patient vitals that can be monitored through the attachment modules offered by the GE Dash 4000 include:

  • Non-Invasive & Invasive Blood Pressure
  • ECG
  • Respiration measurement
  • Temperature with support for two channels
  • CO2 measurement
  • Pulse Oximetry

The addition of the Smart Anesthesia Multi-Gas feature in the GE Dash 4000 makes the device useful during specific medical procedures where the administration of anesthesia might be an essential part.

Furthermore, the device also provides an ACI-TIPI monitoring system, which can assist physicians in determining the need for a patient to be admitted to units such as the CCU and other hospital departments.

A built-in exchangeable battery pack comes standard with the GE Dash 4000, offering up to five hours of battery life in cases where access to AC input power might be limited or momentarily unavailable. The device will also instantly switch from AC input to battery power as a backup in cases where the AC input fails to deliver adequate power to the monitor.

Example part numbers or item numbers: SDO, SBG, 2035598-202, 2023615-202, 2023615-201

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