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The GE Dash 5000 is a large-format display patient monitor unit that is used to obtain essential real-time data on different types of patient data. The device is compatible with several add-on features and comes with pre-loaded programs that ensure appropriate medical staff can be kept on track with the latest changes in the patient’s health.


The GE Dash 5000 offers high-quality features at a more cost-effect price, allowing multiple vitals of an admitted patient to be monitored while undergoing treatment at a clinical care facility, or in a hospital setting. Several convenient programs and features are offered by the patient vital monitor to help physicians be in control of the patient’s health more accurately, and adjust the treatments they administer to patients accordingly.

Up to seven traces can be configured on the large-format 12.1” display. Built-in controls include a TrimKob control, along with several hard button keys that can provide the following user-friendly functions:

  • Standard Silence Alarm
  • Zero All
  • Trends
  • BNP Auto
  • Admit/Discharge
  • Standby
  • Main View
  • Print
  • Power On/Off
  • NBP Go/Stop

Invasive blood pressure can be monitored with up to four channels supported. Other vitals that the GE Dash 5000 offer physicians’ instant access to include:

  • ECG (Support for both three lead wires and five lead wires)
  • Respiration (Impedance variation detection)
  • Two-channel temperature monitoring
  • Cardiac output monitor, with support for bath probe and in-line probe
  • Pule oximetry, with support for monitoring peripheral pulse rate and arterial oxygen saturation
  • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring through the specialized DINAMAP technology
  • CO2 monitoring with the pre-loaded Novametrix CapnoState program

A paper recorder allows for vitals to be printed instantly, which can provide the physician with access to vital signs over specific periods, allowing them to have a better overview of whether the patient’s condition is improving or deteriorating.

Example part numbers or item numbers: SHQ, 2035598-303

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