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The GE DINAMAP ProCare 100 provides a range of useful features that give clinical care units the ability to carefully monitor the vital signs of a patient that they are caring for. A range of different vital signs can be monitored simultaneously, and expansion modules can further add to the number of features that the device offers and the vital signs that can be monitored.


The GE DINAMAP ProCare 100 is a relatively compact patient monitor that can connect to a variety of data nodes in order to provide instant feedback on certain patient vitals that are considered crucial to providing adequate care in hospitals and other clinical settings.

The device features an internal printer that can be used to print out current vitals, giving the physician and nursing staff the ability to keep a record of past patient vitals and to compare these vitals to future ones. This can provide a better chance at a more accurate diagnosis and lead to improved care.

Blood pressure is continuously monitored, including diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The monitor can also provide vital signs on pulse rate and arterial pressure. The accuracy of the monitor exceeds the standards set by the SP 10-1992 AAMI. Different operating modes are available for more accurate control and to ensure drops or spikes in blood pressure can immediately be reported to appropriate staff.

Add-ons can be used to upgrade the features of the GE DINAMAP ProCare 100 patient monitor, such as a module to measure the patient’s respiratory health.

Alarm settings are used to alert the nursing staff about sudden changes in patient vitals and can be customized according to the instructions provided by the overseeing physician.

Example part numbers or item numbers: 2018918-001, DPC100X-EN, DPC120X-EN

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