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The GE DINAMAP ProCare 200 is a patient vitals monitor with a convenient layout that ensures all vitals can be easily read by staff members in charge of the particular patient that is hooked up to the monitor. Various vitals can be effectively monitored, and the device can be used in various clinical settings, including general hospital rooms, intensive care units, and emergency departments.


The GE DINAMAP ProCare 200 is a mobile unit that is used to monitor signs like blood pressure among patients who are admitted to certain healthcare facilities where they can be treated for different health ailments. The device features a front panel that consists of several units where vitals are displayed, along with a series of controls that are used to adjust settings, configure the alarm of the device, and to power the device on and off.

This patient vitals monitor can be utilized to monitor three different data types of the patient, including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Temperature

In addition to these modules that comes built into the standard model of the GE DINAMAP ProCare 200 Monitor, clients are also able to gain access to various upgrades that allow monitoring of additional patient vitals, such as SpO2.

Both waveforms and digits can be displayed on the front panel of the device. A built-in printing unit is also available to provide a backup of the patient’s data at any given time.

The monitor accepts two different power options, both through its AC power port and via the internal battery that is included in order to allow portable usage of the medical device.

Example part numbers or item numbers: 2019179-001, DPC200X-EN, DPC220X-EN

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