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The IntelliVue MP40 is a multiparameter monitor from the Philips brand that delivers exceptional performance in terms of vital signs and the accuracy of monitoring a patient’s data. The device comes equipped with several monitoring capabilities that ensure crucial data of the patient can be monitored and simultaneously reported to appropriate medical staff members.


The IntelliVue MP40 features a large 12-inch display unit that gives the physician access to up four or six waveforms at a time, with several configurations built-in to make adjusting the device and the waveforms presented more appropriate to the patient that is being monitored.

The device comes with ten pre-installed display configurations, which the user can easily switch between to get an overview of different patient vitals. The display also features a backlit for improved readability.


While this device may seem like an ideal bedside monitor for patients in a care facility, whether a hospital, intensive care unit or a different facility, it also comes with a built-in handle that makes carrying the device easy as well. The battery module installed in the IntelliVue MP40 further adds to its portability, allowing patients to be monitored even when they are not near a power outlet.

The network features provided by the IntelliVue MP40 ensures that patient data can be accessed through various systems that are connected to the platform, including laboratories, hospitals, ECG systems, radiology, and even pharmacies.

Multiple modules are pre-installed in the device for more convenient and powerful monitoring solutions, including:

  • Phillips, Nellcor, and Masimo SpO2 sensors for appropriate respiratory monitoring
  • 12-lead ECG analysis
  • Arrhythmia analysis

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