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The IntelliVue MP5 was designed with power, functionality, and portability in mind. The monitor features a relatively large display for its compact size, which can be utilized to gain an overview of essential patient data, leading to more accurate actions and decisions by the staff overseeing the patient. The device can be used in multiple clinical settings and offers up to four hours of battery life for transit and other cases where a power supply might be temporarily out of reach.


The IntelliVue MP5 features an 8.4-inch screen, with a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, which can provide multiple waveforms and digits to ensure patient vitals can be effectively monitored at all times, even while the patient may be transported from one clinical setting to another.

The 6000 mAh internal battery module ensures patient data can be monitored when the device is not connected to a power outlet and can provide up to four hours of operations, depending on the functions that are in use.

Patient vitals can be monitored with high accuracy to ensure the physician can take appropriate actions based on the data presented on the display unit of the device. Specific vitals that can be monitored with the IntelliVue MP5 include:

  • Temperature with a range from -1 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius
  • CO2 monitoring with a <60ms response time
  • Invasive Pressure Performance analysis, together with pulse rate monitoring
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, including pulse range, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and mean blood pressure
  • SpO2 Performance monitoring
  • ST Performance monitoring
  • ECG Arrhythmia analysis

The device comes with the brand’s built-in IntelliVue software, ensuring vitals cannot only be monitored accurately, but also delivered to nursing staff, physicians, and specialist via networking technologies.

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