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The IntelliVue MP50 is a more advanced patient vitals monitor that the earlier versions in this series, offering a range of more convenient features, such as the integration of a touch display unit that gives easy control over the interface, monitoring modules that are active, and the number of waveforms displayed on the main user interface.


The IntelliVue MP50 offers a range of convenient features that make it easier for the physician to ensure they can take action based on the patient’s blood pressure, ECG, and other vitals that are critical toward adequate healthcare being provide to the particular patient.

While not the lightest option in the series, the IntelliVue MP50 is still a portable unit that features a handle for carrying, while also providing adequate mounting brackets for keeping the monitor stationary next to a patient’s bed while they are admitted to a care unit.

An integrated alarm system in the monitor makes it easier for medical staff to be aware of any sudden changes to patient vitals. Multiple notification types are available, including both audible and several visual notifications. Cyan, yellow, and red LED lights can provide indications of an alert, along with the importance of the alert.

Multiple plugin modules are available, and the functionality of the device ensures the most important patient vitals can be easily monitored, including:

  • Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Intravascular Oxygen Saturation
  • Temperature
  • Cardiac Output
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Neuromuscular Transmission
  • EEG
  • ECG

Mounting brackets come pre-installed that allows the device to be mounted on appropriate workspaces, whereas the built-in carry handle also makes it an ideal solution for mobile transportation units.

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