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The IntelliVue MX800 offers a variety of monitoring modules that provide the physician and other medical staff a convenient way of staying on top of how the patient is doing. The large screen can display multiple vitals simultaneously and can be configured to display the specific vitals that the physician needs to keep an eye on. Network features integrated into the monitor also makes it easier to transfer patient data to remote locations.


The IntelliVue MX800 is a patient vitals monitor that offers a comprehensive list of modules for monitoring essential data of the patient admitted to a general ward, or an intensive care unit. The large touchscreen integrated into the IntelliVue MX800 monitor makes it easier for staff and physicians to customize settings according to the specific patient being monitored. Additional expansion modules are also available to extend on the built-in functions and offer more useful vital monitoring features.

Numerous vitals can be monitored, including:

  • Heart rate
  • SpO2
  • Respiratory
  • Pulse rate
  • CO2
  • Anesthetic agents
  • Delta SpO2
  • inO2
  • Blood pressure
  • BIS
  • CVP
  • ICP
  • CPP
  • CCO
  • AWP

All trends are displayed at high resolutions to ensure the overseeing medical staff has a more accurate overview of the patient’s vitals. Custom trigger events can also be configured to notify medical staff when certain events occur, such as when blood pressure reaches a specific level, or when a significant change in respiration status is detected.

Multiple alarms can be configured, with a delay of three seconds or less. Pause duration can be set manually, and an infinite duration option is also available.

The monitor is also equipped with reporting features that enable staff to instantly print a comprehensive overview of patient vitals, event reviews, calculation reports, QT reports, alarm limit reports, and more.

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